Summer 2015 Rowing Program





You are Invited to Experience Shen/SGS Crew FREE Week

Shen/SGS is an ongoing part of SGS rowing.  Many Scotia Glenville students have rowed for Shen/SGS.   The boys double recently won gold at the State Championship with a rower from Scotia Glenville.  Come see how much fun it is to row for a program where recent Scotia Glenville rowers have had athletic success.


June 1 through June 5, 2015

Come one day or all five

4pm to 6:15pm

Bring t-shirt, shorts, sneakers, water bottle


Visit our website for directions to the Shen Crew & SGS Boathouse and print out a copy of our Insurance Waiver @  




It is easy to try rowing this summer.  Two week sessions are available through the Town of Clifton Park.  Register through and click on the entertainment and rec summer brochure.    This program is open to students in the Scotia Glenville school district.


Date:   Session 590 1    June 29 – July 10

           Session 590 2         July 13-      July 24

           Session 590 3     July 27– Aug 7

           Session 590-4         Aug 10 – Aug 21


Time:   9am to 12:00pm Monday – Friday


Site:     Shen Crew & SGS Boathouse

           801 Maritime Avenue, Alplaus

Fee:     Initial Two Week Session $120

           Each additional Week $50




Join the team!  Row for 4 weeks or 8.  Experience rowing out on the Mohawk River in various size boats.  Be part of our Fall Racing Team.  Contact


       Session One: June 29 – July 24, 2015   4 Weeks, Monday thru Friday

       Session Two: July 27 – Aug 21, 2015    4 Weeks, Monday thru Friday

       Time: 9am to 12 pm

       Location: Shen Crew & SGS Boathouse

       Pricing: $245 for one session, $345 for both sessions


All students welcome in Grades 6 and up!

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To the SGS Rowers and Parents,


This past fall the Boards of SGS Rowing and Friends of Shen Rowing  met to explore further the advantages of rowing togetherwhich we have done for two seasons.  We continue to discuss the possibility of merger in the near future and the merger idea will be put to a vote by the Shen members on June 2nd at their annual meeting along with election of officers and directors and vote to approve new bylaws. Below I have added a message sent today5/28/15 by the Shen Exec. Director to their membership. 


The reasoning behind consolidation with SGS and a new team name is to support our growth plan.  Currently Shen Crew is in the top 5% sized high school rowing programs in the country.  It is even bigger relative to scholastic rowing programs in the country.  Despite this, we are still striving to grow and expand the team to be more inclusive and to offer rowing to more high school students.  The best way for us to do this is to expand our team beyond the Shen district. 
We believe that in order to successfully expand our team into other districts it will be most beneficial to create a new team name before beginning recruitment at these districts.  A Shen student is not likely to want to row for Saratoga the same as a Schenectady or Scotia student is not likely to want to row for Shenendehowa.  This will not impact the club status at Shen as "Friends of Shenendehowa Crew" is simply a booster club for the "Shen Crew Club" at the school.  Changing the name of the booster will not impact the Shen Crew Club's ability to maintain club status within the school.  The Shen Rowers can continue to receive a Varsity Letter from Shen Crew. 

The consolidation is important for several reasons.  It is a widely accepted practice throughout the country that clubs do not "poach" rowers from districts that don't "belong" to them.  We are attempting to work within agreements previously made with other local teams.  As Shen has rights over recruitment from the Shen district, SGS has rights for recruitment from Schenectady, Scotia Glenville and Guilderland.  With the consolidation we will be able to begin recruitment from these districts without breaking any previous agreements that we've made with local clubs.  We believe it is very important to honor these agreements to maintain the integrity of rowing in this area. 
It is also very helpful to do a consolidation for monetary purposes.  Both clubs bring a lot of monetary assets to the table.  We've explored many options and found that our best option is to move forward with a consolidation.  This will allow all assets from both clubs to be combined in a way that makes it very easy to move forward as one team.  On top of this, the consolidation also works as an olive branch between the two clubs.  We are working to combine the teams rather than one team absorbing the other.  We think this is very important for creating solidarity between the two teams rather than having one feel as if they've lost their team to join the other.


During the fall, boats will be formed regardless of school affiliation.  In the Spring, we will have Scholastic boats and Club boats.  In a scholastic boat the rowers are all from the same school.  In a club boat, rowers can be mixed from different schools.  Both scholastic and club can compete at Sectionals and States.  The scholastic qualifiers will go to Scholastic Nationals, and the Club qualifiers will go to Club Nationals.  We had several Club boats this spring.


Booster Club Name, Logo, and Color will be chosen by the members.  Each Squad will submit a choice to Executive Director.  These names will go on a ballet along with a name chosen by the coaches and each board of directors.  A vote will be taken in June, and we will go forward from there with filing the appropriate documents with the state. 



I will be available after practice each day this week to answer any questions you may have regarding the consolidation of the two teams. 



Drew Kroft

Executive Director

Head Varsity Women's Coach

Shenendehowa Crew


Please go to their website at :   for much more information on their programs.

Ellen Sherry  is the Shen Crew President.  You may  contact her  at    The Shen Crew Registrar is now  Mrs. Kim Ferraioli, who can be reached at





Don Constantino , President SGS Rowing


Work 262-3069

cell 428-5706